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5 Onboarding Gifts: A Comprehensive Guide to Welcoming New Employees

Onboarding gifts play a significant role in making new employees feel welcome and part of the team. With the right choice of corporate gifts, you can create a strong first impression and foster a sense of belonging among your staff. In this blog, we will explore the top 5 reasons to consider an onboarding gift in your business while looking at their impact on employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

1. Quality Over Quantity: Choose Thoughtful and Meaningful Gifts

When it comes to onboarding gifts, it's essential to prioritise quality over quantity. Instead of providing a bundle of generic items, like pens, keychains, or mugs, consider investing in a single, high-quality gift that embodies your company's values and culture. You don't want to known for being cheap do you?

a. Personalised Items

One way to make onboarding gifts more meaningful is by personalising them. Customised items, such as monogrammed notebooks, can give new employees a sense of identity and belonging within the company. Furthermore, personalised gifts show that you have put thought and effort into welcoming your new staff members.

b. Unique Gifts

Be mindful of your budget: Choose unique gifts that align with your company's budget, but don't compromise on quality. Remember, a well-chosen, thoughtful gift can leave a lasting impression.

2. Showcase Your Company Values, Philosophies or even Sustainability Efforts

Onboarding gifts are an excellent opportunity to communicate your company's values and commitment to sustainability. By choosing eco-friendly products or items that support fair labour practices, you can demonstrate your organisation's dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

a. Sustainable Gifts

Consider providing onboarding gifts made from sustainable materials or through environmentally responsible processes. This could include items made from recycled materials, products that support reforestation efforts, or those with a low carbon footprint. By selecting sustainable gifts, you can show your new employees that you care about the planet and are committed to making a positive impact.

b. Diverse and Inclusive Gifts

Another aspect to consider when selecting onboarding gifts is diversity and inclusion. Choose items that celebrate different cultures, support minority-owned businesses, or promote gender equality. This will convey your company's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment and social conscience.

3. Encourage a Sense of Inclusion with Branded Items

Branded onboarding items can help create a sense of unity and belonging among your new employees. By providing company-branded items, such as apparel, bags, or office supplies, you can strengthen their connection to your organization and foster a sense of pride in their new workplace. Just remember - there is a difference between a gift and a promotional item. While these items can be important to the onboarding process and company inclusion, they aren't a 'gift'. 

a. Branded Apparel

Offering branded clothing, such as t-shirts, jackets, or hats, can give new employees a chance to show their affiliation with your company. This not only boosts their sense of inclusion but also promotes your brand within the community.

b. Branded Office Supplies

Providing branded office supplies, like notebooks, pens, or desk accessories, can help create a cohesive, professional work environment. These items can also serve as constant reminders of your company's values and expectations, reinforcing a sense of belonging among your staff.

4. Support Productivity and Collaboration with Practical Onboarding Gifts

Onboarding gifts can also be practical tools that help new employees become more productive and integrated into their new roles. By providing essential resources and guidance, you can streamline their transition and promote collaboration within your team.

a. Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets, such as power banks, headphones, or cable organisers, can help new employees stay organised and efficient in their work. By offering these items as onboarding gifts, you demonstrate your commitment to providing the tools needed for success.

b. Organisation and Time Management Tools

Gifts that support organisation and time management, like planners, calendars, or journals, can help new employees stay on top of their tasks and contribute effectively to the team.

5. Encourage Social Connections and Team Building with Fun and Engaging Onboarding Gifts

Cultivating strong relationships among your staff is crucial for creating a positive work environment and enhancing employee engagement. Onboarding gifts that encourage social connections and team building can help foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration within your organisation.

a. Group Activities and Experiences

Consider offering regular occasions that promote team building and social interaction, such as tickets to a local event, a group cooking class, or a team-building workshop. These shared experiences can help new employees bond with their coworkers and feel more connected to the company culture.

b. Fun and Novelty Items

Fun and novelty onboarding gifts, like board games, puzzles, or quirky office accessories, can add a touch of humor and lightheartedness to the workplace. These items can serve as conversation starters and help new employees feel more at ease in their new environment.

An Additional Tip for Choosing the Perfect Onboarding Gifts

Package the gifts thoughtfully! The presentation of your onboarding gifts is just as important as the contents. Consider using sustainable, aesthetically pleasing packaging to convey your company values and make recipients feel that real thought went into their gift.

Selecting the right onboarding gifts is crucial for making new employees feel welcome and appreciated. By choosing thoughtful, meaningful, and engaging corporate gifts that align with your company values and promote a sense of inclusion, you can foster a happy, healthy, and productive work environment. So, invest some time and effort into selecting the perfect onboarding gifts and leave a lasting impression on your newest team members.

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