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Is Wine An Appropriate Gift?

We all know the scenario - someone’s birthday, anniversary or other celebration is coming up and you need to think of a gift quickly and don’t really have time to get to the shops. What do you gift?

What is your go to gift?

For many people, its wine!

Is giving wine as a gift ok?

Should I give wine as a gift?

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Let’s face it, gifting wine these days is pretty ‘vanilla’. It’s predictable, commonplace and fairly average. But why be average….. When you can be remarkable!

Make your mark, stand out and give a gift that is much more exciting!

The trouble with wine

There are some people in this world who will drink anything – from the finest wine to the nastiest plonk. But the vast majority of people, regardless of age, gender or social class, know what they like (and don’t like) to drink. While this doesn’t make them a wine snob, people just like to know what to expect, have their regular ‘go to’ and don’t like to be disappointed.

So are you game enough to guess which wine to gift them?

Other wine conundrums

Are you just being lazy?

Wine and other liquor can be seen as the lazy gift. It can be about as thoughtful as a gift card. Quick and easy, but with little effect and no real indication that you have genuinely thought about the gift you are giving or the person you are gifting to. You’re just out there ticking boxes….

This doesn’t get you the title of being a great gift giver – in fact, your gift is likely to be forgotten all together.

How do you know if your recipient drinks wine?

Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. In fact, the 2016 Census data suggest that Australia is the most ethnically diverse country in the world. (ECCV, 2017), with more than 49% of Australians either first generation Australian (born overseas themselves) or second generation Australian (has one or even both parents born overseas) (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017). Cultural diversity plays many roles in a countries success and is a great asset – think “innovation, creativity and vitality” (Department of Social Services, 2018, p. 13) driven by combined ethnicities in our society and workplaces.

While wine may be common place in many people’s homes, we must consider the ethnic and religious beliefs of the recipient.


The last thing you want is to offend someone with your gift!

In case you need another reason


Did you know that more than 20% of Australians abstain from drinking any alcohol?

Image Credit: DrinkWise. (2017) Australian Drinking Habits: 2007 vs 2017


This figure is up from 11% in 2007 and is continuing to climb (DrinkWise, 2017) as people become more health aware and financially conscious. If you gift wine to a non-drinker, what an absolute waste of your generosity!

A gift is only a gift if it is useful to the recipient.

We’ve probably all been on the receiving end of a gift that wasn’t quite to our liking or that we couldn’t use. The best type of gift is one that is loved by the recipient and one that you will be remembered for.


What is a gift that you have really remembered and loved?

 Typically, the answer here is not wine!

Wine re-gifting – yep, it’s common!

Did you know that over the festive season, on average people give away 3 out of 4 bottles of wine that they receive!!!! The data also suggests that more than 30% of people re-gift wine that is given to them. WOW! (Eads, 2018). Now, if someone gives away the gift that you gave them…. Was it really a gift?

So – to wine or not to wine?

Well, if you really know what you are doing, wine can be a great gift. If you know the recipient well and know exactly what they would like, wine can be a gifting success.

It’s also relatively easy to store and have on hand for when you need a gift – fast!

 BUT – if you can do better, why wouldn’t you?!?

 Now, if you’ve visited our website or our socials @giftlinxaustralia, you might notice something a little contradictory to this blog….. We do wine gift hampers!

Woah, what?! Why?

Well firstly, some people still love to give wine – and that’s totally fine if you know it will be well received.

Wine is also a bit of an expected gift. It is societies go to and so we want to be able to supply those people.

We also stock a whole heap of other amazing products that you could gift instead of wine. Why not head over to our blog “What to gift instead of wine”.

Lastly, we have put a lot of ‘work’ into selecting our wines. We select a range of wines based on price points, Australian origin as well as taste…… and we know our wines! (We’ve certainly tasted enough so you don’t have to!)

So next time you need to give a gift, stop and think – is wine my best option here?

 Maybe you need some help to select a gift and that’s where we come in. We have a large range of high quality products, all from other Australian businesses that are definitely gifts to be remembered! Contact us to organise your next gifts. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and become a great gift giver!

And remember – Why be average…. When you can be remarkable!?!


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