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Make Your Business Look Good With Gifts

The gifting industry has seen significant shifts in recent times. Gift options are plentiful, gift expectations have changed, the meaning of a gift is analysed and gift hampers are not what they used to be!

The traditional gift hamper is universally known as ‘the gift that ticks off gifting’. There is little thought or effort on the gifters behalf - you have given a gift, but not much more. This level of gifting used to be the way corporate gifting was done - but in the modern corporate world, this has little impact.

Gone are the days of the gift hamper containing some crackers and chutney that make their way to the back of pantry where they live for the coming months…. or perhaps years(!) being an acceptable gift. This old school thought around gifting does not highlight any kind of meaningful business relationship. In fact, for many this is seen as a slap in the face.

And while some gifting businesses are stuck in the dark ages, there are modern, elegant and impressive gift hampers available that show you care and are thoughtful.

These hampers have impact!

"Don't be the same. Be better"
- English Proverb - 

Want to be better?

At Gift Linx, we make our gifts better to help you stand out. We hand select our suppliers from a huge range of available stockists. We only choose products and suppliers that we know will work in our gift boxes, compliment our other products and be impressive to recipients.

We value product aesthetics, flavour, functionality as well as our suppliers enthusiasm and dedication to producing premium quality products.

Flat lay on white washed timber with timber cheeseboard, linen tea towel, chocolate and infused olive oil bottle

We are also proud to be supporters of other Australian owned businesses, particularly small businesses, which in turn boosts the local economy. This has never been more important than over the past year where we have witnessed a huge shift in societies need and desire to support home grown businesses.

What does gifting say about your business?

Businesses who gift, develop better business relationships and are more likely to stand out from their competition. On top of this, giving a gift feels good, for both the gifter and the recipient and evoking emotion is memorable

Giving a gift hamper will enhance those emotions and show gratitude, making you look thoughtful and generous!

While gifting a gift hamper highlights care and effort, at Gift Linx we take the effort onboard for you. We can save you time and effort, without compromising on quality and impact of the final product. We make gifting streamlined and simple so you can focus on your own business and what you do best.

We put the effort in so you don’t have to, but you get the credit! Its a win win really!

Our modern gift hampers are suitable for staff thank you gifts, client thank you gifts, settlement gifts, vendor gifts, staff wellness packs, celebration gifts, sympathy gifts, Christmas gifts and any other gifting occasion.

We love putting together gifts for all occasions!

So contact us today to see how we can help you lift your gifting game and become memorable!


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