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Top 10 Gift Tips this year

Choosing the right gift can be really difficult and then there's all the other things to think about - budget, getting it to recipient, how will you box it?

But after considering all of these things, how do you know when you've got it right?

Read below for our top 10 gifting tips this year, to help you make sure you get it right and stand out this festive season!

Tip #1 Don't Make It About You

While branded gifts can get your brand out there - there is a fine line between gifts and promotional products. If you give a gift, be genuine.
There is definitely a time and a place for promotional products, but this doesn't mean that they equal a gift. A gift should be just that - A GIFT! - something that is about the recipient not the giver. 


Tip #2 Better Late Than Never

If you appreciate someone or their efforts - recognise it! Even if its a little late. You're better off presenting a gift and owning up to your lateness, than having the person feel their good deed was ignored. 

Better yet, we can help organise your gifts to be on time! Ask us how!

Tip #3 Don't Expect Anything in Return

Give generously without expectation!

If you expect something in return there is a good chance you will be disappointed. Think about the people you would like to thank or recognise and then come up with some great gifting solutions to show your appreciation. This type of gift will be well recieved and certainly display you in a good light.

Tip #4 Don't Get Too Personal

Corporate gifting shouldn't be too personal. Make it memorable without seeming creepy!

Some people like to keep their personal and professional lives very separate and that needs to be respected. If a corporate gift is too personal it can be deemed inappropriate and give off some pretty creepy vibes. Staying professional in your gifting isn't hard - you just need to choose carefully.

Tip #5 Write A Note

A heartfelt, personalised note can mean more than you think - a handwritten note can mean even more...

Think about the message you are trying to send - one of care, consideration and gratitude is a great message to convey. By taking the time to carefully construct a message, or even handwrite it, you send a strong message about taking a few minutes to appreciate that person. This can be more powerful than you think!

Tip #6 Be More Intentional

Be thoughtful about what you are giving and make sure it represents you and your business while being considerate of the recipient.

Take some time to think about the types of gifts you want to be known for. Classy and impressive or tasteless and tacky?

Tip #7 Plan Ahead

Add gifting into your marketing plan - know when you want to give gifts and plan ahead so you are organized and timely!

If you are going to spend money on gifts you might as well make them work for you. Giving quality gifts is a huge reflection on you and your business - giving these gifts at the right time can have a huge impact on how they are received, the message you are sending and how impressed people will be with them!

Tip #8 Think Like The Receiver

If you received the gift you are giving, what would you think about it? Does it feel thoughtful and generous?

Make sure the products you are gifting represent you well. Are they of high quality? Would you be impressed by them? By putting yourself in the shoes of the receiver, you can be more critical and work out if you are gifting the right items.

Tip #9 Think Outside The Box

Be different and stand out from your competitors. This helps you be more memorable!

You don't just want to give something that everyone else is gifting. Be different, gift something that is valuable (and that doesn't necessarily mean financially so), gift something that is functional, gift something that stands out!

Tip #10 Shop Local and Support Small Business

Support the local economy by buying from Australian owned and operated businesses. Its never been more important!

 Supporting Australian businesses especially small businesses is so important. Just remember that often when you purchase from a small business rather than a retail giant, you will receive a better quality of service and more enjoyable shopping experience. Your support truly does mean a lot to business owners and if you're going to buy things anyway why not support your locals and the Australian economy.


Use these top 10 gift tips to make an impact with your gifting this year!

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