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What Does Your Gift Say About You?

Shine a light on your spirit of generosity

do you like what you see?

Reflect on your day:

- Did you take the time to sincerely thank someone who deserved your praise?

- Were you as patient as you could have been?

- Was there a situation when you could have been kind, instead of right?

- When was the last time you sent a handwritten note of appreciation?

- If you received great service, did you take the time to give a heartfelt thanks, or make a call to their boss? We are often too ready to complain.

- Did you need to acknowledge someone, an occasion, or a celebration with a gift? Was it chosen with thought or merely the easiest solution?


What does your gift say about your character?

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All of the above have one thing in common – thoughtfulness and time.

How often does an opportunity present itself when we know we should show our appreciation and gratitude, but life gets busy and the window of opportunity closes.
Are you a would have, could have, should have person?

Generosity of spirit is not merely something we do, but an admirable quality of character, worth some reflection – a trait worth honing.

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