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What is Your Time Worth?

Well? What is your time worth?

How much can you charge out per hour?

How much work can you get done in an hour?

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New skills or processes always take longer in the beginning. With practice, we can get faster and more efficient and ultimately produce a higher quality result.

That’s what we do for you at Gift Linx.

We have been perfecting the skill of gifting:

- the research, the product selection, the costing, the packaging and the shipping until we have it to a fine art.

We have practiced this skill to produce an outstanding final product, efficiently and cost effectively.

HOW? Because it’s what we do.

That’s our specialty.

Think of it this way…. when you offload your gifting tasks to Gift Linx, you aren’t just buying gifts, you are buying back your precious time! I truly believe that in business, people should stick to what they do best.

At Gift Linx, we have developed a reputation for putting together quality gifts that are elegant, professional and memorable. We can do this more efficiently, with a professional look and more cost effectively than what someone in another industry can - because this is what we do for a living!

By asking us to organise your gifts,

*we save you time *we save you money *we make it convenient.

Let’s look at this another way… Now, I COULD paint a wall in my home. I am capable of putting paint on a brush and getting that paint on my wall. But the reality is, I am not a painter! If I want a wall that looks professionally finished, I will recruit a painter. They have the expertise and the tools of the trade to do a much better job than I ever could.

Why should gifting be any different?

Let us take gifting off your to do list, so you can spend your time doing what you do best!

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