6 bottles of wine inside a timber box

What to Gift Instead of Wine

Wine – the old dependable ‘go to’ gift, Right?

But what can you give when you don’t want to give wine? Or when gifting wine is not appropriate? Sometimes the quick and easy dash to the bottle shop to sort out a gift is just not going to cut it.

The anticipation of opening a gift is such a great part of receiving a gift. The excitement to see just whats inside. And as the gift giver, if you can create that feeling of anticipation, rather than one of expectation, your gift will truly leave its mark.

 Take a box like this

What would you anticipate to be inside?

Black gift box with black and gold ribbon
A bottle of wine, right?


Infused Olive Oil bottle inside black gift box
*100% Australian Award Winning Certified Organic Olive Oil

These oils are great for cooking, dipping or making salad dressings. Super versatile and delicious, you will have your recipient thanking you each time they use this oil.

AND unless someone drinks a bottle of oil in a night (!!), it will stick around for longer than a bottle of wine - keeping you in mind for much longer too!

A simple, yet elegant gift like this adds an element of surprise and intrigue because the recipient almost certainly thought you had bought them a bottle of wine… just like everyone else…..

but you’re not like everyone else are you…..?

Be different! stand out!

When a single bottle of oil doesn’t seem enough, how about 2? Or perhaps a trio?

Pair of infused olive oil bottles inside black gift box with wood wool filling    Three bottles of infused olive oil inside a black gift box



When you give a gift that is outside the box and a little different to the ‘norm’ you and your gift make an impact – it stands out – you stand out!

Gifting isn’t about ticking boxes and giving a gift because you have to. Gifting is about giving a gift that makes the recipient feel valued and feel like you have considered them.

At Gift Linx, we have some great simple, no fuss yet high quality gift options that cost the same as a bottle of wine, present beautifully and will surprise your unsuspecting recipient - in the nicest way!

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us
- Boris Pasternak -
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